Global Hunter Corp.
Rudy Brauer
Position: President & CEO, Director
Mr. Brauer has 20 years of international experience in corporate finance and investment banking. He has served as president and member of the board for several companies in Germany and the USA, and has been highly successful in corporate fundraising and in the implementation of new business concepts. He has a proven ability of analyzing and identifying the value of promising projects throughout various business sectors, projecting achievable goals, creating marketing plans and implementing business strategies on a worldwide basis.
Alexander Holtermann
Position: Director
Mr.Holtermann has worked within financial markets across Europe, Asia and North America for the past twenty years in both private and public capacities. Mr. Holtermann sat on the boards of numerous public companies and has been serving as Honorary Consul of Belize since 1999
Brad Magnes
Position: Director
Mr. Magnes has over 25 years experience working with junior mining companies starting by managing small exploration camps in the 1980's. Today Mr. Magnes's career is as an entrepreneur operating in the mining and hospitality industry. His focus is opportunity risk analysis and opportunity.